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StudentCar aims to provide
"No hassle, affordable car rental on hourly basis for students."

At the same time we hope to promote sustainable and flexible means of mobility like carsharing for young people.


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The Kooks - Ooh La

is this weeks Driving Song o/t Week.

A very spring like song from a few years ago. Great for driving on a sunny day like this!

Suggestions for next weeks ‘Driving Song of the Week’? Let us know!

Our mission and vision

People have asked us about our vision: we decided to post something about it here! 

More than 50% of the population between 18 and 24 are matriculated at a University or similar higher education institution in The Netherlands. This gave us to understand that if we manage to gain national coverage (what we now have) in the future we would have a great impact on car-sharing uptake since so many people would learn about its existence early on (before they buy a car from their first annual salary).

Think about it, in ten years… read more

A “Serious Request” to StudentCar and more of StuTV’s efforts to help SR10.

See what we did to help the guys from StuTV

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